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Turbo 300 Replacement Turbine

Turbo 300 Replacement Turbine

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There is nothing worse than having your turbine go out during a project or (even worse) at a LIVE Event.

With the nature of high speed handpieces, and the speed at which they turn, you never know when a bearing is going to fail - IT HAPPENS. This means you are down until repairs are completed.

The TT200F Turbine was designed to be a lower cost alternative (spare turbine) for the Turbo 300 Turbine.

Important things to note about the TT200F Turbine:

  • We recommend using the Turbo 300 Turbine (the one that came with your Turbo 300 High Speed Handpiece - part number 7200904) for doing the majority of your engraving work.
  • The TT200F is recommended as a back up turbine, but still has terrific engraving and carving performance.
  • Speed and Torque is very similar to the Turbo 300 Turbine (original - part number 7200904).
  • Warranty is 90 days from time of purchase.
  • Collet is not replaceable or removable.
  • TT200F is not re-buildable.
  • TT200F is compatible with all Turbo 300 models (see picture - if your turbine looks like this, it will most likely work great.)

Let's be clear on the differences:

The Original Turbo 300 Turbine is the highest quality, most reliable, tested turbine on the market today. It comes with a full one year warranty (in some cases, even longer). It also features a removable collet - allowing it to be replaced when it wears out. It is also re-buildable. This means that Profitable Hobbies can replace the bearings or other individual parts when needed.

The TT200F Turbine (this one!) is provided as a lower cost alternative to the Original Turbo 300 Turbine. However, in order to reduce the cost, it was necessary to make some changes. The TT200F turbine has a 6 month warranty. Performance is very similar (if not identical) to the Original Turbo 300 Turbine. The collet on the TT200F is not removable, therefore it cannot be replaced. If the collet wears out, the turbine will need to be replaced. The TT200F is also not rebuildable.

The TT200F Turbine is compatible with older and newer model handpieces in the Turbo 300 model. It turns that same speed, has the same torque, uses the same burs, works exactly the same, and costs much less than the original replacement. The only differences is the warranty period, the chuck (collet) is non replaceable, and this turbine cannot be rebuilt.

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