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Gourd Carving DVD Set by Marilyn Sunderland

Gourd Carving DVD Set by Marilyn Sunderland

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2 DVD Set on Carving and Decorating by Marilyn Sunderland.

Instruction includes:

  • Where she gets her designs and inspiration for her work.
  • Layout techniques
  • Gourd Carving
  • Finishing and Painting Processes.
  • Examples of Gourds Marilyn has Carved and Decorated
  • Free Patterns Download


Burs (sold seperately) used in this DVD are:


  • # 699L Carbide
  • #1171 Carbide
  • #703 Tapered Carbide
  • #8 Round Carbide
  • #6 Round Carbide
  • 368 Small Diamond Football
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