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Genisis High Speed Engraving System

Genisis High Speed Engraving System

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The Genesis High Speed Engraving System is our most popular starter package for those looking to get into high speed engraving and carving.

It includes all of the initial materials and equipment (except a compressor) that you will need to give you a quick start this exciting new Ultra High Speed engraving and carving world.
One of the most important items to note is the 5 hours of DVD instruction included with the Genesis System.
This dvd series covers all set-up and equipment issues plus a complete basic hand engraving course.
It explains how to set up the system, the basic troubleshooting items you will need to know, and a complete basic engraving course which will teach you which burs do what on different surfaces.

This system is designed to give you the best equipment and some great ideas to get you started quickly in the High Speed Engraving World.

When you start with a Professional High Speed Engraving System, you will have so much more than just a tool. You will have all of the necessary items and training to learn how to really do something with high speed engraving and carving.

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