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DVD- Black Powder DVD Tutorial

DVD- Black Powder DVD Tutorial

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When it comes to carving animals into gunstocks, it takes skills and practice to make them look realistic. High speed engraving by Profitable Hobbies makes this process easier and faster than ever before.

In this Black Powder DVD, master wood carver Keith Hone takes you step by step through the entire animal carving process using high speed engraving equipment.
In one hour Keith will teach you about the anatomy of animals and how to apply the design for best results. You'll learn carving techniques, which burrs to use, and how to finish your gunstock. The techniques taught in this dvd can be applied to various animals you may want to carve on many different surfaces.
If your interested in learning how to do gunstock carving, you will gain useful information from this dvd. All carvings are taught using Profitable Hobbies High Speed Engraving Systems.

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