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DVD- Advanced Egg Carving Tutorial

DVD- Advanced Egg Carving Tutorial

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This advanced eggshell carving DVD will take you step by step, from start to finish of how to carve intricate details into a rhea eggshell. In 90 minutes, Dr. Lew shows you every step of carving a Rhea Egg. From how to lay out an advanced eggshell carving pattern - all the way through to finishing and displaying the finished masterpiece.


You will learn tips and techniques never taught before. Dr. Lew teaches tricks to holding the egg while carving, where to find intricate patterns, how to finish the eggshell, different ways to display the eggshell and more.

Lew takes you step-by-step through the art of carving Rhea eggs. Dr. Lew will teach you which burrs to use, how to apply patterns, and advanced carving tenchiques on Rhea Egg shells.

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